This is where you can copy or listen online to 30 seconds long pieces of selected compositions by Piotr Salaber . To play them, you'll need a special program e.g. WinAmp, available here.

Power Fugue - countertenor Marcin Gadaliński
Measure for Measure - Sad Joker Finale - Markus Stockhausen tpt
Measure for Measure - Justice
Measure for Measure - Joker
Devil - Karamazow Brothers - Throat Singing - Sebastian Wielądek
On Foot - Finale, vn. Katarzyna Duda
Skinny's Men - Car Chase
Skinny's Men - Expectations
Skinny's Men - James the Mistake
Skinny's Men - Slowly Forward
Skinny's Men - Someone's Coming
Skinny's Men (Los Hombres de Paco) - Loosers
Skinny's Men - Missed Again
Skinny's Men - Ending
Skinny's Men - Love Story
Measure for Measure Brothel - Remix - Łukasz Żółtowski
Devils - Nomen ili mors - voc. Maciej Puto
Piotr Salaber - All in One
Little Judas - Death, Chór Kameralny AM, tpt solo Markus Stockhausen
Little Judas - Hallelujah - Chamber Choir of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz
Little Judas - Time - Glass Duo - glass harp, tpt solo Markus Stockhausen
Little Judas -Death's Coming, Chamber Choir, Glass Duo, tpt solo Markus Stockhausen
Hour-Glass Sanatorium - Firemen
Oblom-off - Outside World - Mariusz Fazi Mielczarek - sax, and Brent Knudsen - guit.
Oblom-off - Final - vn. solo Katarzyna Duda
Tartuffe - Double Fugue
Oblom-off - Transformation - Mariusz Fazi Mielczarek - sax.
Horizon - Passing By - Katarzyna Duda - vn. Weronika Grozdew - voc.
Treatment - Night at the Hospital, Weronika Grozdew - voc.
Treatment - Loneliness, Adam Klocek - Stradivarius Cello, Weronika Grozdew - voc.
Treatment - Hospital Dance - Adam Klocek - Stradivarius Cello
Treatment - Emptiness - Adam Klocek - Stradivarius Cello, Weronika Grozdew - voc.
Treatment - Duduk Theme - Sebastian Wielądek
Eight Lights of Hanukkah - Mazel and Schlimazel
Eight Lights of Hanukkah - Travelling
Eight Lights of Hanukkah - Blessing for Lighting the Candles
Eight Lights of Hanukkah - Wedding Dance
Caroline`s Household
Corrupted - Main theme
Corrupted - Sadness - Marek Napiórkowski - guit.
Corrupted - Morning
Corrupted - Yugo theme
Corrupted - Train
Tales of the Vienna Forrest - Marianna
The Trap - Main Theme
The Trap - Franz Kafka's Jewish Heritage, solo violin - Katarzyna Duda
The Trap - Child's song
Karamazow Brothers - Puryfing
Karamazow Brothers - Hurdy Gurdy
Karamazow Brothers - Devil
Got to Be Happy - Connie
Got to Be Happy - Charley
Enemy - Monk
Enemy - Filip de Silleranges
Husband and Wife - Betrayal
Husband and Wife - Seduction
The Legend - Loneliness
The Legend - Yearning
The Legend - Escape
The Legend - Death
The Legend - Castle
The Legend - Ghost
The Crime and Punishment - God,have mercy on us
The Crime and Punishment - Transformation
The Crime and Punishment - Choral
The Crime and Punishment - Raslkolnikow
The Devils - Dies irae
The Devils - Abyss
The Devils - Grandier
Forefathers Eve - ritual
One flew over the cuckoo's nest - neurasthenia
Locomotive - About Mr. Tralalinsky
Locomotive - On a Plane
Locomotive - Fairytale yearning
Locomotive - Pussycat
Locomotive - To Mr. Julian Tuwim with warm regards

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